30 Years in 52 Weeks…Halloween 2011

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Yes, Charlie Brown, Linus was right. There really is a great Pumpkin Patch and it’s in Anza Borrego, California. Way off-road is a section with natural rock shaped pumpkins, skeletons, aliens, and they’re all about a foot wide. The quiet serenity is truly worth hassling this elusive spot.

Legend has it that dragons can live in caves. Our family is known for caving, and practice the same routine to follow if you ever see a bear. If you come across a dragon underground, stay very still. And all should be fine.

Bodie Ghost Town in central California, has a mystical aura and is a premiere ghost town. Here is where time stopped in place. Everything is still where it was leftover from the late 1800’s. They say you can’t take it with you. But if you’re ever in Bodie, you’ll swear it’s just like they are still there. And maybe, that’s the way the spirits meant for it to be all along.

In Death Valley National Park, there is an unusual epitaph paying homage to colorful characters who passed before. “Here lies Shorty Harris, a single blanket jackass prospector. He is buried next to Jim Dayton, pioneer, in the valley they loved. To the trailmakers whose courage matched the dangers of the land, this pit of earth is dedicated, forever.”

In King’s Canyon National Park, Zumwalt Meadow is one of the most travelled areas. However its’ beauty easily eclipses a bit of history about the land. Few visitors leave without knowing they have just witnessed one of the most beautiful of burial sites, of two lucky miners who once lived, worked, and were laid to rest on a little piece of Heaven on earth.

Once upon a time in a cave in the early 1900’s in Kentucky a man got stuck in a cave. His name was Floyd Collins and for several days he captured the nation with his peril of being trapped in Sand Cave. He died in the cave and his coffin was kept in the nearby, larger cave named Floyd Collins Crystal Cave. In the late 1980’s we visited the commercial cave when Floyd was still there. That’s me in the blue jacket right next to Floyd in the cave. He is no longer caving in spirit. Floyd has been interred. But we brought his memory back just in time for Halloween.

Enjoy and Let’s Go!

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