30 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 15

Caving in West Virginia


West Virginia will always be special to Don and I as this was our first trip back east to attend a National  Speological Society caving convention.  The motto then for the state was “West Virginia is for Lovers” and we loved being there for the caves. 


I was quickly struck by how easy the caves were.  You can easily stroll along with a lantern if so inclined.  The caves see a lot of water so they are conveniently solutioned out for ease of exploration.  We were used to the faulting activity of California caves which contain lots of squeezes and canyon climbing. 


West Virginia caves are more like wild commercial caves with nature’s own trail path built in.  Take time and explore this area of our website.  You will get to see inside caves that are now closed off to protect the bat population.  We also got to go caving in the state’s most difficult cave named Roppel with the guys who were leading the survey push.    

Let’s go!


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