30 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 7


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At first I wasn’t sure how to approach 30 Years in 52 Weeks…where to start? We have boxes and boxes of slides and are uncovering new places everyday. Why not let you tell me? We have looked at where we’re getting the most hits and now have a list. Thank you! I appreciate having a road map. Plus we’re always adding new trips and will unveil them. So here by popular demand is Hawaii.

Don and I have been to Hawaii five times to explore the lava tubes. We don’t really visit the usual tourist sites, we find our own caving trips take up all the time we have on the islands. But one time we did make it out to a wild animal park on Molokai. You can see us feeding the giraffes, which was such a treat. We also got great close up shots of the animals.

When I think of Hawaii, I envision the lava tubes underground and the colorful, friendly fish that come up to you while snorkeling. I put my hand out while swimming and watched the parrot fish come up to me looking for food. One parrot fish even gummed me and that made me laugh out bubbles from my snorkel.

Let’s go!


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