30 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 6

Great X, Wyoming

We had company last night and showed them our trip to Great X in Wyoming. I had just scanned those slides and Don and I were excited to revisit this highly sporting cave. It’s so cold we had to wear wet suits. The cave has eroded in such a way that the dolomite has these tendrils that grabbed on like blackberry thorns to anything it could. To help protect my wet suit I put a tee-shirt over it. That was a mistake. Our friend Joe put nylon sweats over his wet suit that got shredded to ruin. But it was worth it…the cave has an incredible room called the Cephalopod Malt Shop with a white soda straw low ceiling and floor filled with ancient cephalopod fossils that are enormous.

Cave temps are the annual average and this cave is freezing. So cold that Bob Montgomery, our leader on the trip, had to warm his camera batteries by rubbing his hands so he could take pictures. Luckily ours was working and we all got great shots in the Great Hall. You can’t miss this room. It measures a quarter mile long. To demonstrate we took a multi exposure photo where Joe and I walked each side flashing blubs. You can see the blippies our helmet lights create in the photo that Don took. And if I never mentioned it before, Don is our photographer and webmaster. Seeing these photos reminds me of why I always called Wyoming God’s country.

Let’s go!


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