30 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 3

How to Maximize Your Family Trip

When we went to Washington state over the 4th of July holiday gas prices were at their highest. We were averaging $4.85 per gallon for a trip log of more than 3000 miles in 9 days. We got about 18 miles per gallon. We experimented by keeping our miles per hour to 55 to see if we could stretch some extra mileage. It worked. We averaged about 17 percent more by slowing down. Of course one month later, the same trip would cost us $300 less in gas. Hummm.

Camping most of the time saved us money. In our nine days we spent two days at a hotel and one day visiting with my sister in northern California. Using supermarkets along the way to stock up on food also saved a lot of money. Purchasing an “America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass” saves money in the long run on numerous park and federally managed site fees. By keeping (made-ahead) sandwiches in ice chests, we avoided fast food stops and ate healthier and saved money and time.

Another great way to economize is to enjoy the local flavor. We had fun stopping at fruit stands along the way in Washington to purchase freshly picked Mount Rainier cherries, a real treat for the mouth and wallet. We also stayed cool and hydrated by refilling our canteens at water fountains at rest stops along the way. To help stay alert on the long drive we kept a cooler filled with caffeine drinks such as Starbucks coffee, Snapple Teas and Mountain Dew. That alone, saved us a ton on convenience store impulse buys.

Let’s go!


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