30 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 2

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Fossil Mountain Ice Cave, Wyoming

Where else to start but with one of my favorites and that’s Fossil Mountain Ice Cave in Wyoming. We did this cave in our prime and it was still quite the feat. Don and I were both raised by the beach, at sea level. Doing the great alpine cave with all its altitude took our breath away literally and physically. The cave is tucked away in the Grand Tetons carefully protected with a steep scree slope. With every step up, one slides down two. It’s much easier to enjoy this fine cave through this slide show. Taking camera equipment into high mountains to go underground into caves can add quite the pounds to a backpack, but seeing the photos, we’re glad to take the endeavor.

When you look at the slide show you will see a spectacular ice cave. We couldn’t stay in it for longer than 15 minutes as our body heat raised the temperature of the cave and it started raining ice crystals on us.

Let’s go!


getting in deep by lisa delucia

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