32 Years in 52 Weeks – Caving at the L.A. Zoo

To celebrate the last weekend in November, and to honor a class assignment, Daniella and I went to the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012.  She had to write about monkeys and the zoo was the place to be for that.  We drove an hour and waited a half hour to buy our tickets.  Next time I will buy them online regardless if there is a holiday.  We were the only ones without a stroller in line.

Once we got in, we made the monkey exhibits our first of many stops.  Dani kept trying to move me along with all the other cute animals that keep getting in my way and causing me to stop and take photos.  I am an admitted animal junkie, okay I said it.

Don and I haven’t been to the L.A. Zoo since the kids were small.  They have grown up a bit since then.  I was surprised at all of the changes in the exhibits.  Dani was very familiar having gone many times with school and the YMCA.  She had a great time leading me around.

Seeing the animals was fun.  We spent time with the monkeys and apes and then checked out more of the residents such as the giraffes, leopard, tortoises and elephants.  A highlight was seeing the new home of Reggie, the famous baby alligator that was dumped in the Madrona Marsh in Harbor City and when eventually caught ended  growing up living at the L.A. Zoo in his very own space.

Dani and I decided to end our trip by viewing the baby animals on the way out in the Animal Care Center.  I fell in love with a baby armadillo that was very active.  It was so cute.  But I never thought the highlight of the zoo experience for me would be non-animal related.

There is a cave at the L.A.  Zoo!  I didn’t know that before I saw it with my own eyes.  The man-made cave is a great replica (wish we had one at home).  It has a few rooms and many formations, including cave shields, columns and stalactites.  I felt right at home in the darkness.  That was until I saw the pet cavers on display.  Sure glad that never happened to us, and the kids growing up as cavers.

So next time you are hankering for a great animal fix and trip underground, try the Los Angeles Zoo.  Who knew it has the best of both worlds.

Let’s go!

-Lisa DeLucia


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