32 Years in 52 Weeks – Terranea Sea Cave

On September 1, 2012 we the DeLucia’s, decided to play tourists in our own “backyard.” It was a very hot day so we went sea caving along the Palos Verdes cliffs in Southern California with our friends the Cutlers.

Don and I grew up close by and have seen the area change. We like to tell our kids, Dani and Josh about how this used to be Marineland of the Pacific. The Marineland aquarium lasted from 1954 to 1987.

We used to always go to the sea cave below known as Marineland cave.
Marineland the attraction was vacant for years and eventually the Terranea Resort was built. Dani and I went to the Marineland Reunion in September 2010.

Marineland sea cave is now called Terranea sea cave on the internet. If it looks familiar, that’s because it was used in the movie “Charlie’s Angels.” The villian’s house was up above the cliff, courtesy of CGI.

Let’s go!
OutDoors And nOt

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