32 Years in 52 Weeks – Week 3 – Year 3 part 3

Caves and Market Day

The next big challenge would be the 30 foot waterfall.  Bob used a rope walker ascent system and Lisa and I used a Texas system.  All went well.  We had eaten while we rested and that helped give us the energy.  Although Lisa and I would be switching over to a rope walker when we got back to the states.

As we exited the cave it was just getting light and the fog was so thick that we could not see a thing.  Without Bob’s sense of direction we would still be lost I am sure.  He led us right up the hill, past a not so friendly bull and straight to the dirt road we came in on.

When we got back to the hotel we helped each other take our wetsuits off.  As we were doing that in the patio the manager came up and said something to Lisa and walked off. He told Lisa it was 5 am and had gone off to light the water heater so we had hot showers. We told Bob we were going to shower and nap.  It was Wednesday morning and that meant market day to the locals and a feast for us!

After a hot shower Lisa and I napped for a while.  It had been a grueling trip out and we needed to re-charge a bit.  We woke up to a knock on our door.  It was Bob and Mark and they were smiling big!  They came in and said that the market was bustling so they came back to get us. We put on our boots and went with them.

I am sure that the market day in Cuetzala de Progresso Mexico now,  is not what it was back then unfortunately so I may  be recounting history.  We walked out of the hotel patio and into the town square to see it transformed into a full blown farmers market.  There were vendors stands everywhere.  Some had meat freshly butchered.  Other sold vegetables.  Where we stopped was the woman making what we called tacos.  They consisted of a home made tortilla, some black beans smeared on top with chicken meat topped with crumbled cheese.  We called over Bob and Mark who had also rousted Dave, Joe and Carol and all of stood there and pigged out.  Each cost the equivalent of a nickel and we gave her $5 American and asked her to keep making them.  When we were full she closed up shop for the day!

We spent another 4 days in the area and visited more caves and villages.  But I will save those stories for another day.




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